Task Force 13 - Subcommittees
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Subcommittee #7 - Certification of Test Facilities

The mission of Subcommittee #7 - Certification of Test Facilities is ultimately to improve the consistency and quality of crash test methods and measurement results between test laboratories. As recommended to the Federal Highway Administration, this mission quest requires crash test laboratories to become accredited by a third-party accreditation organization conforming to the general requirements of ISO Guide 58. Also central to this mission is the establishment of, and participation in, an interlaboratory collaboration and proficiency test program between crash test laboratories. Proficiency testing is also an important component of third party accreditation.

To access the sub-committee activities:

     1. Go to ftp://mwrsf1.unl.edu
     2. Enter the user name “AASHTO” and password mwrsf2014


Lance Bullard
Texas Transportation Institute

Karla Lechtenberg


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