Task Force 13 - Subcommittees
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Task Force 13 Subcommittees

Currently Task Force 13 is working toward completing eleven near-term goals. The effort to accomplish these goals is delegated to eleven active subcommittees, each chaired and attended by representatives whose particular talents and experience are well suited toward accomplishing the goal. The subcommittees consist of the following:

#1-Publications Maintenance
Develops and promotes a standard method of delivery and maintenance for Task Force 13 publications.

#2-Barrier Hardware
Oversees the compilation, update, and maintenance of data on barrier systems and assures conveyance of the information in a user friendly medium.

#3-Bridge Railings Oversees and participates in the preparation and maintenance of hardware guides for crashworthy bridge railing and approach guardrail transition systems.

#4 Drainage Products Develops, publishes, and updates guidelines for currently used and accepted products intended to collect, convey and treat storm water runoff.

#5 Support Hardware Develops, disseminates, and maintains user friendly documents to provide users (researchers, designers, manufacturers, and contractors) with information on standardized hardware components for sign, luminaire and traffic signal supports.

#6 Work Zones Provides support for the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse website which is used as a depository for highway work zone hardware.

#7 Test Facilities Works to improve the consistency and quality of crash test methods and measurement results between test laboratories.

#8 Rail Crossing Fosters communication between DOT’s, designers of grade crossings and industry and centralize a source for design materials and hardware related to the design of Grade Crossings.

#9 Marketing Works to make the transportation safety community aware of Task Force 13 and the benefits derived from it’s efforts.

#10 Computational Mechanics Tracks the competency of analysts and laboratories engaged in performing computational mechanics analysis of roadside safety hardware.

#11 Delineation ***Need to Update***


TF13 Publications

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